- Computer Science & Engineering (2001- 2005)

CSE 321 Software Performance Enginnering
Report () An informal performance analysis of the CSE 352 project software (shown above) using traditional Computation Structure Modeling and an object oriented, hierarchical Performance Image theory. The analysis covers only major components of the program.

CSE 300 Artificial Intelligence
(All projects written in Java 1.4 with Swing GUI, packed in executable jar. Input files written in XML.)
Project 2 () A Deductive Retriever. This retriever retrieves a query based on the database of assertions it learns.
Project 4 () A Hierachical Planner. This planner computes steps to achieve a goal using predefined actions or operators in reasonable time. Non-terminal actions can be defined to solve complex problems. Input files include "World of Blocks" and "Tower of Hanoi" and many others.

CSE 367 Design Lab
Link Java-code Parser and Class Builder for the DRE Project (Link goes to the DRE project web site)

CSE 350 Advanced Database Topics
Final Paper () A Comparison Between Two Similarity Measures

CSE 340 Advanced Computer Architecture
Final Paper () Current Trend of Supercomputer Architecture

CSE 258 Operating Systems
(All projects written in Java 1.4 with Swing GUI, packed in executable jar)
Project 1 () A relocatable assembler, linker, loader
Project 2 () Storage Management Strategies Simulation
Project 3 () Replacement Strategies for Pure Paging Simulation

CSE 244 Compilers
(All projects written in Bison/Flex and C)
Project 1 () A Lex analyzer
Project 2 () A tiny Lex/Yacc compiler
Project 3 () A Lex/Yacc compiler

CSE 230 Software Engineering
(All projects written in Java 1.4 with Swing GUI)
Project 1 () A Tic-Tac-Toe
Project 2 () A client/server job information system

CSE 207 Digital Logic
(All projects written in LogicWorks)
Project 1 () A control circuit for student conveying system
Project 2 () A control circuit for campus communication system
Project 3 () Control circuitry for a 8-bit Von Neumann machine

CSE 124 Data Structure with C++
(All projects written in Visual C++ 6.0)
Lab 1/2 () A YAHTZEE game in console
Lab 3 () Quicksort algrithm for objects
Lab 4 () Converting a matrix into a vector to compress data
Lab 5 () A restaurant reservation system
Lab 6 () A recursive "Knight's Tour" on a chess board
Lab 7 () Implementing "Priority Queue" class as an ordered list
Lab 8 () Implementing "Priority Queue" class as an linked list
Lab 9 () Implementing "Binary Search Tree" class

- Educational Technology (2001-2003)

Educational Technology Portfolio
Advisor: Dr. Sadhana Puntambekar
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EPSY 374 Software Design
Final Project: Cognitive Tutor
Program File Download: Windows / MAC_OS_X
To try this program:
On Windows:
Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or Java Development Kit (J2SDK) is required to run. They are free for download from SUN website: http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4/download.html. After JRE is installed, double-click GA_Win32.exe
On Mac OS X:
(Suppose the "GA_MAC_OS_X" is on desktop)
Launch the terminal console (Terminal can be found at "Application -> Utilities") and issue following 3 commands:
     cd Desktop
     chmod 777 GA_MAC_OS_X
Report() and Presentation()

EPSY 343 Educational Technology
Final Project Classroom Of The Sea, with FLASH Test Emulation (Flash player 5+ required) and ChatterBot

EPSY 356 Instructional Design
Final Paper () and Presentation () An instructional design proposal for EPSY 240

EPSY 335 Theory of Learning
Final Presentation () Organic chemistry concept map

EPSY 341 Research Methodology
Final Paper () A literature review and research proposal for evaluating the effectiveness of intelligent tutor software

EPSY 317 Interactive Learning Environment
Final Paper () and Presentation () A design proposal for a spoken English learning software